Tapada do Gramacho means "fenced garden". According to the former owner it always has had this name. A good reason to leave it this way.

Swimming in source water

Long ago people from Portimão collected their good sweet water here. Water still flows litterally from the mountain. So you swim in our own source water!

Roof terrace

Enjoy the magnificant views from the roof terrace on the whole area with all the birds and nature.


BBQ and the Algarve belong to each other. In the garden or on your own terras you can grill your own dinner.


Cook your own Portuguese meal in the well equiped kitchen. Or make it easy for yourself and put a pizza in the oven.


Breakfast, enjoying your self made dinner, watching TV, reading a book in the winter evenings near the wood stove. It's all up to you.


River Arade
The view at Silves from Tapada do Gramacho at the river site. The presence of the river attracks a large mixture of birds, like storks, spoon arse and flamingos.