Singing workshop October 2008

Conductor Marja Oldenhave organising singing workshop

As a conductor of several choirs in Amsterdam Marja Oldenhave has been organising many singing workshops at special places in southern Europe over the last 20 years. This year she hase chosen Tapada do Gramacho. From the 18th until the 25th of October the entire quinta was available for Marja and her nightingales. Twenty people in total: Marja herself, guitarist Hans Hartogensis and 18 students. The great lunches and dinners were provided their private cook Hanneke.

During the week the students had to study really hard, because on Friday at the end of the week they had to perform in front of the church in Silves! Sometimes there was with the entire choir rehearsed on the roof terrace filling the entire valley in front of them with their sound. At other times they practiced in small groups. It was great fun to see and hear them everywhere in the building, garden or on the terraces.

As the owners of Tapada do Gramacho, we enjoyed this spectacle very much. That's why we hope that we may welcome Marja and her students another time!

Conductor Marja Oldenhave
Marja Oldenhave is conductor of several choirs, mainly in Amsterdam. She has already organised 15 workshops abroad and has built a very extensive repertoire. With her incentive method she manages to produce a harmonious choir from a diverse group of enthusiastic singers within one week. People who only sing in the bathroom, often sing solo in the final act! email: marja.oldenhave(at)

Guitarist Hans Hartogensis
Hans Hartogensis was 9 years old when he got a guitar in his hands and since then he hardly left it untouched. He plays from his 13th in pop bands and Irish, South American and African bands. He still performs in the "Pink Petty Coat" as a guitarist and singer. Hans has built an incredibly extensive repertoire and what he doesn't know, he usually plays perfectly within 5 minutes. During the last two years Hans accompanied several choirs of Marja.

Hanneke van den Eshof
Hanneke was responsible for all lunches and dinners for the group. She travels between the Netherlands and Portugal where she provides catering for small and larger groups. She is specialized in the vegetarian cuisine, but she also cooks delicious (local) fish and meat dishes. For more information: hanneke(at)